Insta-Friday #61

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

extreme close up

Molly is not a clingy dog, she’s usually happy to be off by herself. But, when she decides she wants affection, she demands it.


bath time

Molly doesn’t get to come to work like Pug does because she is a runner. Always has been. If she sees the opportunity to dart outside, she takes it. So, I certainly don’t trust her to stay in the store with customers coming and going all day. So on the occasions she¬†does get to come with us she’s disappointed to find out it’s because she’s getting a bath.


After-bath shenanigans.


grumble of pugs

Impromptu Pug Party.


pug coat

Pug modelling his fall fashion.


pug top hat bow tie

Celebrating 250 Facebook fans!

life rearranged