Insta-Friday #62

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

This Pug Life at Starbucks

Yeah I know, typical white girl Starbucks pic. Sue me! I was impressed at myself for getting dressed and going to “the office” on a Saturday.


Pug Smirk

Pug was sucking on the blanket (his pacifier) for so long his lip got dry and stuck. I could not stop giggling. Looking at it again, I still can’t.


Pug business card

Received my business cards. I feel like a legit businesswoman now.  Now I just need to actually make some money!


Blanket Pug

I locked Pug in his room while I went to Starbucks for a while. To thank me for this injustice, he pooped on the floor. Notice here how he has no shame whatsoever.


I put Pug’s eyedrops in and he threw the biggest tantrum ever. I’m the worst mom ever for ensuring his big eyeballs don’t rot out of his head.


first etsy order

Shipped out my first Etsy shop order! So exciting!

life rearranged