New Pug Pals

Recently Pug and I went to visit his BPFFs at work so their mom could trim his nails. We were pleasantly surprised to find some extra pugs at the groom shop!

fawn  pugs

Meet Minnie and William! Minnie (front) recently had surgery, and her little brother was very protective of her.


pug tongue

pug obsessed with tennis ball

Remember the huge prize pack Pug won at Stray Rescue Spooktacular? It contained a pack of these mini squeaky tennis balls. I knew Luna was obsessed with balls, so I saved them for her. Look at that concentration!


pug and tennis ball

Pug Orbee Raspberry

Though the tennis balls come in second to her Orbee Raspberry, aka crackball.


grumble of pugs

grumble of pugs

black pug



And to wrap up, a series of Luna being Lu.

Pug extreme closeup Pug extreme closeup Pug extreme closeup