Monthly Obsessions: November 2013

I have a bit of an obsessive personality, so when I decide I like something, I get really enthusiastic about it. I also really like to talk, so I figured I’d give my family and friends a break and share it with the world instead. My monthly obsessions can come from just about any category you can think of; food, beauty, clothing, pet supplies, electronics and everything in between.

Here is what I’m obsessing over this month:

Mane 'n Tail Hoofmaker

Mane n Tail Hoofmaker definitely doesn’t look like your typical beauty product, but it rocks! I picked it up because it claimed to moisturize hands while strengthening nails, and it had good reviews. I must say, it lives up to its claims. When I’m using it regularly, I can tell a difference in my nails. They’re not hard as acrylics or anything, like many products claim to do. But, definitely stronger. Less bending and peeling.

But, probably what I love even more than the nail strengthening is how fast this lotion absorbs. I absolutely hate lotion that leaves my hands feeling greasy afterwards. I tend to end up getting grossed out and washing my hands to get rid of the feeling, defeating the purpose altogether. This stuff is fully absorbed in around 30-seconds, while still leaving my hands hydrated.

Plus, it’s super affordable. So, give it a try!


Revlon Stormy Nail Polish

My nail polish fave this month has been Revlon Stormy. I’ve actually had this polish for well over a year and just never got around to using it. I think I was unconsciously judging it for its less than beautiful packaging. I’m a total sucker for packaging – marketers dream.

I could kick myself now, because it’s so pretty. And unlike a lot of cream colors, it’s not at all unforgiving or streaky. It’s the perfect fall color, and looks especially great with a copper or gold glitter accent nail.

Revlon Top Speed Stormy

Here is a better shot of the color. It’s kind of a cool toned taupe/grey.


Ashland Candle Blackberry Cobbler

I’ve been burning this candle a lot lately. As you can tell, I couldn’t get a really beautiful picture because it’s well-loved. I really like these Ashland candles at Michael’s in general. I won’t go so far as to claim they’re just as good as say a Bath and Body Works candle, but for the price they can’t be beat. The scents are really nice, they fill a room, and they burn for a long time. They retail for $5.99 but are almost always on sale for even less.

This Blackberry Crisp scent is nice because it’s kind of a heavier, fall/winter scent. But, it’s not your typical pumpkin pie smell. Not that I dislike those types of candles. But, I mainly burn candles in my bedroom, and I don’t care for it to smell heavily of food.


Starbucks Joy Tea

Last up is my most ordered drink at Starbucks (and most likely this month too). It’s Joy Tea. And like all of the things I love, it is seasonal. I like to have it with a few packets of honey and a splash of milk. I’m sipping one right now as I type.

That’s it for me, what were your obsessions for November?

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