Insta-Friday #71

My week in iPhone photos.Pug Head Tilt

90-degree head tilt.


St. Louis Sunset

Lovely sunset from Illinois looking toward downtown St. Louis. If you look closely, you can see the arch.


St. Louis Skyline

My grandma had a shockingly awesome hospital room, with huge windows overlooking the city. This is a shot toward the Science Center and the beginning of a nice sunset.


Pug Puppy

Baby Prim came to see me at work. She’s 3-months old now, and getting so big! I was accidentally zoomed in for this selfie but luckily the important part, Prim, made it in the shot.


Pug Slump

Mornin’ slump.


Maine Coon

Monster the Maine Coon. He is the biggest cat I have ever seen in real life. He is bigger than Pug. I put my chubby paw in the pic for scale.

Lily the Chug

I went to my friend’s house to get my hair cut and colored (I’ll post pics when I don’t have enormous undereye bags) and I got to meet Lily the Chug (chihuahua and pug). Isn’t she ridiculous? I think she looks like a Gremlin or some sort of bat.


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