Insta-Friday #81

My week in iPhone photos.

pit bull

My mom’s pit bull Cutie has to be on a tie-out when he’s outside because he climbs the fence. Back when he was just a foster dog instead of a foster failure, he cut his leg open going scaling the fence. He came very close to cutting his femoral artery. So, needless to say, we don’t take any chances. As a result, he doesn’t get to burn off a lot of energy when the other dogs are playing. I took pity on him and took him for a nice long walk. We were both pooped!


Soaking up some Vitamin D and listening to Pandora while the dogs nom on raw bison ribs.


With the wind blowing through her hair, Molly was in a state of absolute bliss.


We placed 4th in our #PugChat March Madness bracket. Through pure luck I assure you, I don’t ever watch basketball and guessed every single one. Our prize was a box of treats from Three Dog Bakery. Their packaging is so creative and unique. And the treats smell delicious. I may have taken a nibble of the blueberry muffins and may have declared them pretty good.


Pug and Molly took a much shorter walk later in the week. Much further and Pug needs his stroller. Here they are pretending like they aren’t attached to each other.


Wednesday morning got off to a rough start. Pug woke me up having a seizure. Luckily, his seizures are mild and he one about ever 6 months. He used to have them every 3 months or so. I anecdotally attribute the reduction to switching him to a corn-free food, though there are studies that suggest there is a correlation.


Baby Prim came to see me at work! She is 6 months old now, so almost a big girl pug. But, still quite dainty at only 11 pounds.

Tia Maria is another foster failure. She has a birth defect that causes her to leak urine. She also has bad kidneys, and kidney failure is a matter of when, not if. My mom was recently concerned about her urine output so I took her to the Stray Rescue vet clinic to check her kidney functions. My mom insisted I put a skirt over her diaper so people didn’t laugh at her. Because they’re less likely to laugh at dog in a skirt apparently!


New spring nail colors. I’ve mentioned the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes in a Monthly Obsessions before. I really love the formula and they’re only $2.99 and often on sale!

life rearranged