Pug Goes on an Easter Egg Hunt

The pet store where I work has a doggy Easter Egg hunt every year. I have been participating for several years, long before I became an employee. For a $5 donation to Support Dogs, Inc. you get to find 5 plastic eggs hidden throughout the store. There are treats in every one, and in some of them an extra prize.

Pug Easter Egg HuntOff we go!

Pug Easter Egg HuntStill looking…

Pug Easter Egg HuntSuccess! We found our first egg. I hope it’s a winner.

Pug Easter Egg HuntFound another!

Pug Easter Egg HuntMy mom brought Tia Maria to the hunt.

Pug Easter Egg HuntShe was excited!

Pug Easter Egg HuntNew puppy friend.

Pug Easter Egg HuntOnce we found our 5 eggs, it was time to go to the front counter and see what we won!

Pug Easter Egg HuntWomp, womp. No bonus prizes for us this year. But, as you can see, Pug was not too disappointed. He was quite happy with his dog biscuit winnings.

Pug Easter Egg HuntTia Maria on the other hand won a jumbo Easter egg treat. Look at that smile!

I hope everyone is having a great Easter. We don’t really celebrate Easter, so I’ll be having a lazy Sunday and enjoying the beautiful weather. And of course, enjoying some Easter treats since 28 isn’t too old to get a basket from mom.