Happy Birthday Molly

This past Friday my little Molly girl turned 11 years old. I’ve never really done dog birthdays in the past, but I spend so much time at work making treats for other dogs’ birthdays, I felt guilty not celebrating my own! Plus, Pug kind of gets a pseudo gotcha day celebration since it falls on Thanksgiving.

Happy Birthday MollySo for her big 1-1 Molly got a custom birthday bone decorated by mom, and a box of Sweet Spots doggy ice cream to share.

Happy Birthday MollyAll for me?

Happy Birthday MollyOf course, the annoying little brother had to try sneak in a bite. Don’t worry, I broke off a small corner for him to eat.

Puppies Eating Ice CreamAfter cookies it was time for ice cream. Molly was being a brat and didn’t want to eat hers, so I let my mom’s foster puppies have a taste. And oh my goodness, these Sweet Spots are puppy approved.

Puppies Eating Ice Cream Puppies Eating Ice CreamPug Eating Ice CreamWhat? Do I have something on my face?

As a bonus, here are a couple of photos I recently rediscovered of Molly when I first brought her home. She was 6-months old. I don’t think she looks much different at all… maybe a little more grey around the eyes.

Baby MollyBaby MollyHappy 11th Birthday Molly girl, I hope to celebrate many more with you.