Insta-Friday #83

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Stray Rescue Foster PuppiesMy mom had to take a break from fostering puppies while we were caring for my grandma full time. But, this week she was able to pick up three new babies. They are currently 7 weeks old and will be available for adoption from Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Clockwise from top left the are: Fox Trot (girl), Mambo (girl), and mister fluffy pants is Samba.

Senior DogsI captioned this one “Grumpy Old Men”. Our co-worker Riley turns 17 this week, and he is not doing great. Please keep him in your thoughts. His mom saved him when he just a tiny puppy.

Puppy romping!

Forest Park Tulips

A huge bed of pink tulips at Forest Park. They’re my favorite – it was really tempting to rip a handful out of the ground to take home.

I love St. Louis Earth Day

Repping the St. Louis Earth Day Festival.

Storm Clouds

The city where I work has fancy talking emergency sirens. The problem is you have to walk outside to even begin to understand what they are saying. And even then it sounds like someone talking through a really crummy drive-thru speaker. I stood outside and eventually figured out that he was saying to “take immediate shelter”. Real helpful.

Stray Rescue Foster Puppies

Taking in a little puppy therapy.

Kirkland SaffronI used saffron for the first time ever. I felt really fancy even though the recipe was actually very simple.

Lazy Pug

Pug didn’t feel like getting up for work this morning. Must be nice!

life rearranged