Insta-Friday #84

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo. 

Chicago Cubs Pug

I work at a pet store and we sell Cardinals dog gear. I’ve tried to talk the owners into bringing in Cubs stuff for the past 2 years to no avail. So, Petco to the rescue!

Also, every day Pug has worn his Cubs shirt so far they have won… coincidence?

Chicago Cubs Pug

Grumpy old man – guess he didn’t want to be at work on a Saturday. I feel his pain.


Square Foot Garden Map

Mapping out my Square-Foot Garden. I planted my seeds on Sunday. Check out the full post for more info!


Garden Pug

Pug supervised me while I planted. He wanted to make sure I planted plenty of carrots for him to snack on this summer!


Sombrero Pug

We had a “Canine de Mayo” celebration at work. I made sure Pug looked good and festive.


The neighbor was using a weed whacker and Pug was having NONE of it.


Puppy time with my mom’s fosters.


Dirty Puppy

I let my guard down for five minutes and little miss Fox Trot made a big mess of herself!



Just 4 days later and I already had seedlings popping up. I am used to starting seeds indoors while it’s still cold and it’s a much slower process. Now, I just have to hope the inevitable severe weather we have doesn’t destroy them.

life rearranged