Insta-Friday #86

My week in iPhone photos. This week has flown by, and looking back at my Insta feed I can see I did not take very many pictures this week! 

Pug with Swag BagDidn’t Insta this one, but it’s Pug with the contents of our Blog Paws Swag Bag we won on Twitter. So many goodies to try out. Hoping I receive one in person next year in Nashville!


MakeupOn my way to my first ever drag show. I had to make sure my makeup was on point. Though sadly, I am out of lash glue and could not wear falsies.


Spring for Strays Atomic CowboyMichelle McCausland performing Spring for Strays. I have a huge post full of photos from this event that benefited Stray Rescue of St. Louis!


Baby Lettuce I’m getting super excited because my lettuce is starting to look like actual lettuce. The other day it got so dang hot, all I wanted was a big salad for dinner and we were out of lettuce. I was so tempted to rip out all my baby lettuce and scarf it down, but resisted.


Pug CuddlesNot a half bad way to end a long, tiring day.

Square Foot Garden Progress I’m so happy I’m keeping detailed records of my garden progress for my garden journal.Seeing the difference a little less than 3 weeks makes is absolutely astounding. I’ve been gardening basically my whole life and it still blows my mind when I think about the fact that you can take a pack of seeds and in a few weeks harvest free food. Maybe I am too easily astounded but nature is crazy!

To see how I put my Square-Foot Garden together check out this post.

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