Insta-Friday #87

My week in iPhone photos. 

Birthday BoneMolly turned 11 so I made her a special birthday bone at work.

Birthday BoneHer little brother promptly tried to take his share.

Pug PaloozaInsta pics from Pug Palooza. You can see all the pug party madness here.

Pug PaloozaTreat frenzy.

Pug PaloozaParty pic with my little man.

Peanut Butter Bacon Frozen YogurtWe are sampling this new doggy ice cream at work. Unfortunately, it rained all day on Sunday so we had no 4-legged customers. So, I sampled it on Pug. Several times. He’s a fan! It smelled so good I was tempted to taste it myself – but I knew I’d get a nasty bacon surprise.

Memorial Day PugMemorial Day

Tiny TomatoMy first itty bitty baby tomato. Isn’t it cute?

Car WashMy car has been really disgusting for a long time. Its embarrassing. I finally cleaned it out and then went for a spin through the automatic car wash. (I have to use a specific one because they own the only vacuums powerful enough to remove pug hair from upholstery.) I have never ceased to get a kick out of going through the car wash. It was my favorite thing as a kid and it ranks pretty high up there as an adult.

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