Pug Palooza

Saturday was our BPFF (best pug friend forever) Panda’s 6th birthday. He had a big birthday party dubbed Pug Palooza. I have to say it was by far the best birthday party I have ever attended! We had a total 8 of pugs, and a few honorary pugs – 2 Chesapeake bay Retrievers, an English Mastiff puppy and a Standard Poodle.

Birthday PugHere’s the birthday boy.

Doggy Jello ShotsDoggy Jello ShotsAfter we humans imbibed in some pudding shots, the dogs got their doggy jello shots. Made with unflavored gelatin and blueberries. They were a hit!

English Mastiff PuppyAmmo, the honorary (giant) pug puppy.

Pug Smile Pug Dirty LookDogs Opening GiftsOpening gifts from Pug and me.

Dogs Opening GiftsNew treats, score!

Playing FetchTime to play fetch.

Playing FetchNotice how Pug never moved and has no idea what’s going on.

Chesapeake Bay Retriever swimming Pug Swimming Pug Trio Black PugsPug Birthday CakeBirthday pupcake made by yours truly.

Pug Birthday Cake Pug Eating Birthday Cake Pug Eating Birthday CakeOm nom nom.

Pug Palooza TreatsAfter cake; cookies!

Pug Party Dress Pug Party Dress Pug Party Dress Pugs in ChairPug Palooza Group ShotAnd to wrap it up, a group shot. Can’t believe we pulled this one off!