DIY Insect Repelling Container Garden

DIY All Natural Insect Mosquito Repelling Container Garden
Create Your Own Insect Repelling Container Garden

I don’t know about you, but mosquitoes love me. I have come to terms with smelling like bug spray during the summer. But, I wanted some way to reduce the amount of bugs without having to think about it. I knew there were several varieties of plants that acted as natural insect repellents, so I created an insect repelling container garden for the front porch. 

Insect Repelling Container GardenI had this large pot on hand already. I planted 4 marigolds, a large rosemary plant and a citronella geranium. This type of geranium does not flower and is very fragrant. At my nursery they were located with the herbs, not the other flowers or geraniums. The area in front I planted catnip seeds.

Insect Repelling Container GardenJust a few weeks later my planter is bursting. The catnip seeds sprouted pretty quickly and then died. I think because the other plants grew so quickly, they probably got choked out. But, I’m very happy with how it looks. And best of all I notice that I get bit much less when I’m on the front porch now.

If you’re interested in creating your own insect repelling container garden, there are many more plants that are natural insect repellents. I found the image below on Pinterest and it is what originally inspired me to try this project.


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