Insta-Friday #88

My week in iPhone photos.

German ShepherdI made the mistake of giving my co-worker here a broken treat while I was decorating. When simply begging wasn’t enough she kept trying to give me her paw. It was pretty pitiful!


Puppy PartyThis past Saturday was crazy busy at work. But, it was the good kind of crazy. Lots of dogs in the store. Look at this meeting of the minds. The giant black fluff ball is a 3-month old Newfoundland, the little guy on the right is an 8-week old English Mastiff and two yellow labs of course.

Lettuce and SpinachMy spinach and lettuce is ready for its first harvest. I have been putting it off because I need to look up how exactly to go about doing that properly.


Hair ColorI loved my dark red hair when I got it done a few months ago but it had since faded out. I was ready to get it done again, so I was really excited when my hairdresser friend texted me Monday evening asking if I could be a hair model for her the next day. We did the same deep red demi-permanent all over as last time but with “peekaboo” highlights. Since they’re hidden underneath as they grow out there will be no roots – so no mandatory upkeep.


Blue Moon PintDinner with my BFF. Pint of Blue Moon. So good, especially during the summer.


Sad PugAt about 6 o’clock the other night Pug started standing in front of the door at work with his tail down. I guess he was ready to check out early. After I explained that we couldn’t close the store early he dragged a blanket over by the cash register and went to sleep. Quite the life he leads.

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