Insta-Friday #89

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo. It’s been a very full week in pictures this week!

Doggy Donuts National Donut DayWe celebrated National Donut Day at work with fancy doggy donuts. They included peanut butter and bacon jerky and carob and freeze-dried chicken.


National Donut Day PugI brought home a peanut butter banana chip and a carob coconut flake for Pug and Molly.


Lazy Pug

Lazy Pug, lazing.


National Best Friend Day

Sunday was National Best Friend day, so I had to post a picture of me and my BFF doing our classic prom pose. I couldn’t ask for a better friend and I consider her family. Love you Kathy!


I was working on my garden and took Pug outside with me. And boy was he in a mood. No one was to drive down his block! He actually chased a car down the entire length of our yard, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.


Gender Reveal CakeThat same day, I went to my oldest friend’s gender reveal party. We met in study hall in 7th grade. It’s a girl!


New Glasses My new glasses finally came in. I really like them – my mom didn’t understand why they were so big. I tried to explain that big nerdy glasses are “in” now, ha. And I only need them for reading and computer work anyway.


Geese Crossing

I made a trip to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s Tuesday in St. Louis. I saw a geese family near the road and was really worried about how close they were getting, only to watch them proceed to take themselves and their babies right into the street! I slowed down and put on my hazard lights to hopefully get the traffic behind me to slow down. The woman behind me started honking and yelling. She eventually went around me and went through a gap in the geese. First of all, you are not that important that you can’t stop for some geese! Second of all, I had my hazards on – if I were stopped because say, my car was stalled, how would honking possibly be productive? I have never wanted to road rage more.

Also shout out to the lady you can see in the road. She got out of her car on this busy road to shoo them across since they were taking their very sweet time. A couple of the adults even sat down right in middle!


Trader Joe's Craft BeerSpeaking of Trader Joe’s, this was the first time I’ve gotten to shop there. I just kind of roamed the whole store and picked up a variety of items to try. I was really excited about their beer section because they let you build your own 6-pack. I love that you can buy just 1 bottle to try them out. I am trying to expand my horizons and find some new favorites.


Pug once again proves he is the worst thief in history. He attempts to steal things right in front of me, and he’s usually pretty loud about it too.


Spinach and Lettuce HarvestFinally harvested spinach and lettuce from my Square-Foot Garden. I know I waited past the optimal time because I was nervous about cutting it; I’ve never grown leafy greens before. I used the spinach to make a pineapple green smoothie for breakfast.


Studded WedgesI broke out one of my favorite pair of shoes for the first time in a long time. I thought the studs on the shoes match the stud buttons on my new top.


Foster PuppyOn the way to dinner we took my mom’s last remaining foster puppy to her new forever home. Her new mom and dad were so excited to finally bring her home.

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