Insta-Friday #90

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Pugs and PekingeseThe pet store where I work had a booth at a local Animal Rescue Pet Expo. I met some adorable pugs in dresses, my first Pekingese and two of my BPFFs stopped by too (Prim and Panda).


Anime Convention Furry

There was an anime convention going on the same day. So, that was pretty interesting! There was also a wedding in the same convention center. I bet their guests were very confused!



Father’s Day is not a holiday that I celebrate unfortunately. But, it did make me think of my PaPa that I lost in 2001. Despite the fact that he was technically my “step” grandpa, he was my biggest fan. He bought me my first Mickey Mouse bowling ball and taught me to bowl. He let me block the TV while I practiced putting into a juice glass in the middle of the living room floor. I root for the Cubs in his honor. I love you grandpa.


4th of July TomatoesThese 4th of July tomatoes may indeed be ready to pick by the 4th of July!


Creepy PugCreeper Pug. Creepin.


Puggy Don't Care

I was getting ready for work and decided to aggravate Pug by throwing my shirt on his head. He didn’t even attempt to move. Guess he showed me.


Please enjoy the pleasant sounds of Pug.

Garden GnomeNew mini garden gnome protecting my tomatoes. A garden gnome which inspired the following tweet…

R. L. Stine Retweet

That’s my tweet. Retweeted by R. L. Stine. R. L. freaking Stine you guys!! I was seriously losing it when I got that notification. Let me tell you, being acknowledged (however insignificantly) by one of your childhood heroes does NOT suck.

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