Insta-Friday #92

My week in iPhone photos.

Pug Made in ChinaI honest to goodness have no idea what this sticker came from, or how it ended up stuck to Pug. But, I looked down while we were laying in bed and there it was. It cracked me up since it’s actually pretty accurate.

Stroller Pug

Saturday we went to the Stray Rescue Farm Dog Block Party. Since it was going to be sunny and warm, Pug rode in the stroller. Old pugs gotta do what they gotta do!

Broccoli PestsLast week I posted a picture of some nibbles taken from my broccoli plant. A few days later whatever was working on it finished the job. These 2 pictures are of the same plant. Total bummer. The good news is the plant is sprouting some new shoots, so I think it may try to survive the ordeal. We’ll see if it ever ends up producing anything.

Pug American Flag Bow Tie

We received our package from Underdog Supplies and had to try out Pug’s new American flag bow tie right away. He’s all set for the 4th of July.

Giant Idaho Potato

My BFF found out the Big Idaho Potato Tour was going to be in town and surprised me with this stop! The giant ketchup bottle you see up above is the World’s Largest Catsup Bottle located in my hometown. I learned all kinds of great potato facts – like if this potato was realĀ it would take nearly 3 years to bake it. And yes, I consider that a great fact to know.

Fourth of July Tomatoes

I spied my first ripe tomatoes this week. This variety is called 4th of July and they stayed true to their name.

Passed Out PugPug spent a long day at work with me wearing his bow tie. Here he is enjoying a hard earned nap.

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