Insta-Friday #93

My week in iPhone photos. 

Leinenkugel Berry Weiss My mom sent me on an emergency run to the grocery store on the 4th of July so I added a little something to the list. This stuff tastes kind of nothing like beer, it’s really sweet and berry-y. Not bad, but not what I was expecting either!


Patriotic Pug

Can you tell Pug is having a great time on this patriotic photo shoot?


Merrick'an Pie

Molly and Pug got a special 4th of July dinner too. Thank you Merrick!


Pug 4th of July Treats

For dessert, cookies I made at work. Molly got a hot dog and Pug got a BBQ grill. Pug stood there with his grill in his mouth for several moments before booking it upstairs to hide. He’s apparently under the impression I wish to steal his treats after I give them to him.


American Flag Manicure

My first, very basic, attempt at nail art. American Flag nails.


Backseat Pit Bull

For some reason my mom’s dogs always get sick on my days off. My mom suspected Cutie had a UTI so I had the honor of taking him to the vet (which he totally loves, btw). Such a good big sister.


Pit Bull Car Ride



Square Foot Garden Harvest

Technically, this is a pretty tiny harvest. But, it was the first time I had to use my shirt to hold everything so that is pretty exciting. Soon I’ll be overrun with tomatoes and wishing for these days.


Shower Protector Hood

I was at Sally Beauty Supply looking for a shower cap and came across this very bizarre contraption. The only thing I could figure it is used for is protecting your makeup in the shower? But, why would you apply makeup before your shower?


Stray Rescue Foster Puppies

My mom’s newest batch of foster puppies. Golden Corral and Denny’s. 2 out of (I think) 7 “restaurant puppies”.

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