Pug Visits the Oscar Mayer Wiener Mobile

My town has apparently really hit the big time. The Giant Idaho Potato and the Wiener Mobile both came to town within a couple weeks of each other.
Pug in a Hot Dog CostumeWhere are we going mom? And why am I wearing my hot dog in the middle of July?

Pug and Molly visit the Oscar Mayer Wiener MobilePug was a huge hit with the Wiener Mobile crew. The guy asked me if I bought the costume just for this event – ummm, nope, I actually just happen to own a hot dog costume for my dog.

Pug Hot Dog CostumeThey had me sign a release to use Pug’s pictures so he might show up on the official Wiener Mobile social media.

Pug and the Oscar Mayer Wiener MobileI knew buying that costume on clearance was the right thing to do, and this proves it!

Pug and the Oscar Mayer Wiener MobileIt’s hot, I’m out of here!

Pug Hot Dog CostumeAll that super modelling wore Pug out so I had to carry my hot dog back to the car.