Insta-Friday #96

My week in iPhone photos.

Pug FiremanWe had a big clearance event at work and this fireman costume was only $1. You better believe it came home with us.


Dirty ZucchiniOk, I’m 12. When I lifted up the zucchini leaves and spotted this… I had to run inside and get my phone. Ahem…


Hot Pug Wet TowelIt was really hot the other day and when we came inside, Pug would not stop panting. I ended up putting a wet towel on him and he finally cooled off.


Pug and MollyMy kids being nice to each other for a change. Well, Pug is always nice. Molly is pretty intolerant of her little brother.


Homegrown CarrotsI’ve never grown carrots before so I can’t resist sneaking a peek at them from time to time. I think they’re getting there!


Pug DogglesTrying out some Doggles at work. Pug wasn’t impressed. But I sure was.


Retro Arcade BarWe checked out a new retro arcade bar for lunch. This machine kept yelling “Intruder Alert” and then erupting in gunfire. Did I mention I’m easily startled?

Retro Arcade Bar Pin BallKilling it on the Jurassic Park Lost World pinball machine. It’s my new life goal to get the dinosaur egg to hatch.


National Mutt DayCelebrating National Mutt Day with Molly girl.


life rearranged