Insta-Friday #97

My week in iPhone photos. 

Pug DerpI was trying to take a cute selfie with Pug, but he ended up going full derp instead.

Homemade Tomato SauceWhile I have just a small square-foot garden, my mom has a huge garden at her hospital’s community garden. She planted way more tomato plants than any sane person could ever use. So, I decided to take a few pounds off her hands (and by a few I mean about 50) and try my hand at making tomato sauce from scratch.

Canning Homemade Tomato SauceIt took about 8 hours, but we turned all these fresh-picked tomatoes into canned tomato sauce. I’ll have a full post on the experience next week!

Pug Awkward Situation SealI’m kind of obsessed with Awkward Situation Seal and I couldn’t stop seeing the resemblance with the derpy picture of Pug from earlier.

Pug Knocks Over ToyboxIn an attempt to keep Pug’s toys from getting lost under the bed and coated in a layer of hair and dust, I brought out the toy box. I’ve been attempting to keep only one toy out at a time. But apparently we need ALL the toys out all the time.

Pouty PugSometimes being a pug is really, really hard.
Pug Butt PillowThere is nothing more infuriating than laying in bed minding your own business and having a pug back his butt up into your head and plop down to fall asleep. I know we share everything, but this is too far. Get off!

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