Insta-Friday #98

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Husky Bobbing for Hot DogsWe had another ice cream social at work. We put out a smaller tub for small dogs to bob, but Pug still wasn’t having it. Sky the husky was all over it though!

Pug in a pile of clothesYou’re witnessing the exact moment I realized, “I really need to pick up my dirty laundry”. Or get a hamper. Both would help!

Pug SharkCelebrating Shark Week – Pug Shark!

This is not even the worst of Pug’s antics when getting his nails trimmed, just the footage I could catch while simultaneously holding him.

Pug Darth VaderDie, Vader!

Pug and Yellow LabWe finally got to meet our co-worker Tempe. As soon as I pulled out my phone she went into a pose. What a ham!

Sam turned 11 this week! I got him a new Nerf football feeder pre-filled with treats.

Pug Tooth BrushI got a new toothpaste that Pug actually likes. We’ve been brushing every night. He doesn’t exactly enjoy it, but he fights me much less. If we get good results I will do a review later!
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