Insta-Friday #101

My week in iPhone photos. 

Donating Blood

If you’re squeamish you may want to stop right here. When the lady set this pint of blood next to me it was resting against my leg. And I thought to myself, “man, that’s really warm – weird”. And then I felt like a moron because obviously it’s warm. Also, I’ve given blood before but I guess I never looked closely at the bag. It was way bigger than I expected, no wonder I was tired afterwards.

Jurassic Park Pinball

Went back to the retro arcade bar. I’m still trying to hatch the dino egg on the Jurassic Park Lost World pin ball game. One day… one day.

Pug American Flag Bow Tie

Laying around on a holiday weekend is exhausting.

Creative Lettering Fail

I got this Creative Lettering book from the library. This was my second attempt at this particular page. The first one I ran out of room. I was so pleased with myself for fitting it in on the second try. Until I realized I only fit it in because I left out two letters. At that point I was committed and just finished the doodle around it and added the addendum at the bottom.

Naughty Pug

Yeah, what are you going to do about it?

Mountain Dew Vandal Eyes

It’s been way too long since I put googley eyes on something. So, I vandaleyes-ed my co-workers Mountain Dew. He loves caffeine!

Bake Sale

So. much. baking. And because it’s just my luck, it’s been 100 degrees all week leading up to my bake sale. Even though this whole summer has been freakishly mild. Because of course!

This is my first ever bake sale and because I’m a control freak I decided to make everything myself. I have a lot of time and money invested so I really hope everything goes as planned. I am attempting to hit (and hopefully exceed) my $500 fundraising goal for my Strut Your Mutt team. If you’d like to help me reach my goal you can donate directly by clicking here or clicking on the donation link in my sidebar. I’m raising money for Partners 4 Pets, a local rescue that pulls at-risk dogs and cats from kill shelters and animal control facilities. All the money raised through Strut Your Mutt will go directly to Partners 4 Pets!

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