Insta-Friday #103

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

Pug doesn’t leave his den unless you say the magic word.

Pug Slippers

It’s gotten cold enough a few days this week to break out the pugs. I have to be careful with these though. I forget until I’m already going down the stairs that they don’t stay on my feet while going down steps. If I break my leg this fall, the pugs will probably be the cause.

St. Louis National Charity Horse Show

Sunday I volunteered with Stray Rescue at the St. Louis National Charity Horse Festival. We were set up near the show jumping ring. It was really fun to watch. I have a full post on the event here.

Pit Bull Puppy Pile

At the same event, we spent most of the day next to this play pen full of adorable pit bull puppies. Their fur looks a little funny because they’re still recovering from mange.

Pug Belly Rub

Yeshhh, rub my belly.

Extreme Close Up

Molly rarely gets in the big bed, but when she does she likes to get directly in my face.

Pug in a Blanket

Since it was cold enough for pug slippers, that also meant it was too cold for actual pugs.

Bath and Body Haul

My iPhone cable suddenly went bad and was causing a power surge to the USB port on my laptop. Apple would replace it, but I had to go to St. Louis to visit the nearest Apple Store. Since I was already making the trip, I figured I ought to make it worthwhile and treat myself to some other things too. I got some fall candles from Bath and Body Works and I’m trying out Sea Spray from Lush.

Sometimes Pug can’t keep up when we walk on the coupler, and Molly is all too happy to drag him along.

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