Insta-Friday #110

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo. 

Pug Pumpkin KingFor Halloween at work Pug was the pumpkin king, and we listened to The Nightmare Before Christmas on Pandora.

Candy Corn Eyeshadow

Halloween makeup was candy corn inspired eye shadow.

Fox Theater St. Louis

Halloween night I went to see Dirty Dancing at the Fabulous Fox. It was good, but not one of my favorites. The theater itself never disappoints though. I’ve been going since I was a kid and I still marvel at its beauty.

Sad Pug

Pug is such a sad little boy when I work at my desk instead of lay in bed with him. I’m literally feet away, I might as well be on another continent.


I had 7 pupcakes to make this week. Things got a bit messy.

Pugs and Bulldog

Lots of snorty friends at work this week. Unfortunately Pug wasn’t here this day because I had to go straight to an appointment after work. Would have been a fun play date.

I Voted Sticker

We discussed this on Facebook, but do you utilize early voting if it’s available in your state? I personally don’t – to me it’s not the same experience. There is something special about voting on election day and proudly sporting my sticker.

Pug Getting Teeth Brushed

I got this fancy new toothbrush because I thought it would make the process easier. But Pug hates it. I guess because it’s so big. He is still a fan of the chicken flavored toothpaste though.

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And sometimes even when I am in bed Pug is a total attention-whore.

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