Insta-Friday #117

InstaFriday on a Saturday – my week in Iphone photos. Apparently I had a super photo heavy week with the holiday. Hope you enjoy! 

Pug SlumpSlumpin’ home from work.

Pug KissesAn outtake from our birthday photo shoot which was featured in last week’s InstaFriday.

Blue Moon Milkshake

My mom and my birthdays are a week apart, so we went to Red Robin to get our birthday burgers together. We both indulged in a lunchtime Blue Moon Milkshake. It was a lot better than expected!

Maple Sausage Pit Bull Bulldog

You may not think a pet boutique would have a crazy Christmas rush, but you’d be very wrong. People really like to shop for their pets. This past weekend was absolute insanity. But the one bright spot is I got to see my very favorite customer, Maple Sausage. It’s really hard to convey her proportions in photos. She has a big ol’ pit bull head and a long body, on tiny bulldog legs. She’s so dang cute I can hardly stand it!

Pug in a Blanket

Old man Pug had to pop out of his blanket fortress to let me know I was making too much noise.

Tiny Wine

Silly me thought the weekend was bad. The day before Christmas Eve was so much worse. I came home and started my Christmas break from work with an epsom salt soak and a tiny wine.

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Family Portratit

Our family portrait in front of my mom’s Charlie Brown tree. Full post here.

Stray Rescue Foster Puppies

And here is part of the reason my mom skipped putting up a large real tree this year – new foster puppies from Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

Dog Christmas PresentsI may have gone just slightly overboard with gifts this year. Oh well!

Molly and Pug Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas darlings.

Pug Admiral AckbarIt’s a Trap!

Pug Molly Happy Birthday SignsAll ready to go see grandma. (If you thought I got screwed with a December 18th birthday, my mom’s is on the 26th.)