The Best of Marsala – 2015 Color of the Year

I must admit that when Pantone announced that “marsala” was the color of the year for 2015 I wasn’t a big fan. I definitely was more excited about last year’s choice, radiant orchid. However, once I started researching some of the real-world iterations of the “rich, earthy red”  it definitely grew on me. I just don’t think the Pantone swatch really does it justice or conveys its richness.

Below I’ve chosen several marsala inspired items that I could see myself using or wearing in real life. In fact, I just purchased the Nicole by OPI color today at CVS – coincidence or the subtle effects of marketing? Marsala inspired makeup would definitely be stepping outside my comfort zone but I think it looks beautiful on models and am excited to see what Sephora comes up with for their Pantone collection early next year. One thing is for sure – marsala has inspired me to reach for my favorite red lipstick more this winter!





What do you think of this year’s pick for color of the year? Where would you use marsala? I know a lot of people think the color of the year is silly, but I bet they’d be surprised at how much it actually influences products from all kinds of different industries. Plus, I think it’s a fun inspiration for freshening up my daily wardrobe and style. Let me know what you think in the comments!