Pug Visits His Grumble

The Beggin’ Pet Parade is coming up next month so Pug had to visit his BPFF (best pug friends forever) to have a costume fitting.

Grumble of PugsIt has been a while since I’ve gotten to visit with all my pugs friends. From left to right: Panda, Petunia, Luna and Prim.

Pug Costume FittingIt doesn’t look like much yet – can you take a guess as to what the pugs will be this year?

Fawn PugsGrumble of PugsI couldn’t come empty handed, so I brought a bag of treats to share. Who wants one?

Panda Pug Crazy Pug Primrose PugPugPrimrose Pug Pugs Eating Treats Pug EatingBegging Pugs Begging PugCould you ever say no to this face?

Grumble of PugsAll that begging was hard work, better rest.