Insta-Friday #123

My week in iPhone photos. 

Pug Z-BoneWhat do you mean I can’t eat my Z-Bone on the bed? This won’t stand!

Pug Watched Puppy BowlWatching the pug puppy on the Puppy Bowl Live Cam.

Pug Merrick GameDay TailgateSpecial Super Bowl dinner. I love these special edition Merrick dinners, they’re so darn cute. And the quality is amazing – there was a whole chicken thigh in the can!

Pug SeizurePug woke me up at 5am having a small seizure. That’s never fun, but I’m grateful his are so mild. My late dog Hershey had cluster grand mal seizures and it was pretty horrific. Plus, I looked up his last seizure and it was in April of 2014. That’s the longest he’s gone between seizures.

When I first found him, he was having one every 3 months. Then, when I switched him to a corn-free high-quality food, they dropped to about every 6 months. So, I’m hoping this trend continues.

Pug Mardi Gras HeadbandSo, I actually bought this “party collar” for myself to wear as a headband at the Beggin’ Pet Parade, but I had Pug model it too since it is technically for dogs. I think he’s glad he won’t be wearing it on the big day.

Target Unicorn MugMy BFF got me the best mug ever from Target!

Ion Demi 4RVHair color day. This color looks really scary when you mix it, but on my medium brown hair it gives me a dark “cherry coke” color that I absolutely love. Even if it does bleed all over my pillowcases.

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