Insta-Friday #125

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.  Lots of video this week!

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Pug would appear way more vicious if he’d remember not to wag his tail while he growled at me.

Pug Dog Valentine's The dogs got their traditional chocolate covered strawberry cookies for Valentine’s Day.

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Pug Butt

Pug’s preferred sleeping position is ass on shoulder. Sigh.

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Sharing my fruit cup with a little beggar.

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I won a $25 Petsmart gift card at a recent BlogPaws Chat on Twitter. Combined with an awesome sale, I was able to majorly stock up on Whimzees. One was apparently not enough for Pug, as he immediately tried to help himself to the rest of the stash.

Mardi Gras Pug

This is the kind of Mardi Gras mask Pug likes to wear. One he can eat!

Snow Garfield

We finally got enough snow for our local snow artist to do his thing. You might remember last year’s snow Minions.

Pug PajamasPug likes my style.

Pug Z-BoneSo, Wednesday I gave Molly a large Z-Bone and Pug his usual mini. They both went to their respective corners to eat. But apparently Molly had hidden her bone instead of eating it because today Pug dug around on the floor (okay, through dirty laundry…) and emerged victoriously with this comically too-large bone. He was NOT happy when I took it away despite replacing it with an appropriately sized mini Z-Bone.

Pug Heating PadThermaCare could cross-market their products as a muscle soother and a Pug heater.

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