Insta-Friday #130

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo! 

Annoying PugThis picture pretty much sums up their relationship perfectly.

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So, among Pug’s strange habits is his obsessive quest to lay on the right side of the bed. The problem is, I lay on the right side of the bed. He will try to get to my right side even if he has to scale the edge of the bed like a mountain goat. In a rare moment of perfect timing I was filming him being ridiculous when it all went terribly wrong. He was totally fine, just had a bruised ego.

Easter PugHad to bust out his tie for Easter Sunday. Click here for the rest of the Easter pictures and click here for video of the Easter egg hunt!  

Chicago Cubs Pug   Of course, after Easter festivities we had to switch into Cubs gear for opening day!

Bone Spur Xray   I’ve had arthritis and avascular necrosis in my foot/ankle for several years now and have developed a noticeable bone spur in my right talus. Luckily for me, I have insurance again and can actually have it treated. So not fun having your body seemingly fall apart before you hit 30!

I Voted Sticker   Local elections were on Tuesday. They often have a much bigger impact on your life than national elections, so ya know – remember to vote!

#GetTough on Dog Fighting Participating in the ASPCA’s Get Tough on Dog Fighting campaign.  

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I know they’re seniors now, but this walk was just ridiculous! I felt like I was dragging them and I had to carry Pug the final stretch. Building up their endurance is definitely on the schedule for this spring.

Pug National Siblings Day

I took this picture a few weeks ago and never got around to posting it. It was perfect for National Siblings Day because not only were they sitting nicely together, Molly was even touching Pug!

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