Insta-Friday #131

I’ve skipped a couple of InstaFridays so I’m pulling my favorite shots from the last few weeks this week. Remember to follow me on Snapchat and Vine (ThisPugLife) for even more Pug throughout the week!

Vintage WallpaperMy grandma’s 40-year-old double oven recently died, unearthing the house’s original 1970s wallpaper.

Pug TherapyI brought Pug along on this trip to provide a little pug therapy. Sadly, grandma’s health has taken a turn for the worse since then and she is currently in ICU. So I am especially happy that I made that trip out to spend time with her when she was feeling better.

Sticky Note HandsMy BFF is always enabling and encouraging my stationary addiction. I can’t wait to turn these hand sticky notes into obscene gestures.

Pug at Home DepotPicking out vegetable plants and seeds at Home Depot.

Cosmic BingoTrying out Cosmic Bingo for the first time. I have a full review of my experience.

Pug Gardening We started planting lettuce and spinach in my square-foot garden for Earth Day. If you want more info on my square-foot garden click here.

I am a Rescuer ExhibitSeveral months ago my mom was chosen to be a part of the I’m a Rescuer 2015 exhibit and she wanted me to be in the photo shoot. The photos were revealed and me (or should I say my double chin) and little brother Cutie Patootie were featured.

LibraryMy local library is just the prettiest.

Pug in a BlanketPug being puggy.