Insta-Friday #132

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo. 

Pug Close UpWe call this “rubber lip”.

Pug Naked Gardening DayCelebrating Naked Gardening Day (I sat this one out!).

Game of PugsGame of Thrones night. I got a nice giggle out of catching Pug mid-sneer. Watch out Cersei.

Star Wars Day PugAnother big day this week – Star Wars Day! May the Fourth be with You.

A video posted by Andrea (@thispuglife) on

Such a brat.

Square Foot Garden LettuceThis mesclun lettuce came back on it’s own from last year in my square-foot garden, as well as my Italian parsley. Can’t complain!

Pug FartsI don’t know what his problem is lately, but Pug has been gassing me out of the room lately. Don’t let that innocent face fool you.