Insta-Friday #133

My week in iPhone photos. Remember to follow me on Vine and Snapchat for even more updates throughout the week! 

Pug TherapyMy grandma has been moved to a rehab facility and it is pet friendly. This was from our first trip to visit. Pug is great at giving pug therapy!

Puppy Dog Pug EyesThat face kills me!

Pug Car TripEveryone headed to see grandma on Mother’s Day. I have a full post here

Illinois CloudsI love living in the midwest and having all four seasons. I don’t think you can really appreciate the new growth of spring without living through a long grey winter.

LlamaGrandma’s rehab center had a petting zoo day, and you know I had to partake. I’m sure I had more fun that any of the patients.

Ben & Jerry's The Tonight DoughOh my gosh. Americone Dream has been my favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor since it came out. But I think it’s officially been bested. TWO types of cookie dough in one ice cream?? Yes, yes yes!

Pug in Trash

This is what happens when I am an awful mom and go to the grocery store without Pug. I totally had it coming.


Zuke's Fuel the Cure

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