Mother’s Day with Pug and Molly

If you don’t follow me on Facebook (or even if you do), you may not know that I almost lost my grandmother recently. It was very touch and go for a few days, and she is only here with us today thanks to an implanted pacemaker and defibrillator. Which makes this Mother’s Day all the more special. She’s been moved to a nearby rehab facility so she is close by. Most importantly, the facility is pet friendly! So Pug and Molly got to join us for a little Mother’s Day picnic on the patio.

Mother's DayThree generations of crazy women. BTW, that’s my aunt that I cropped out. I don’t hate her, I just didn’t think she’d want her pic online!

Mother's Day Pug“Grandma fed me her leftover saltines because I’m so cute.”

Mother's Day Pug“Hey mom, there are a ton of ants down here. They’re delicious!” Blergh.

Mother's Day DogsMy mom with her granddogs.

Mother's Day Dogs
Mother's Day Dogs
Mother's Day DogsThere’s never a photo shoot with animals that doesn’t have a few outtakes.