BlogPaws Nashville Part-2

Finally I have finished editing my BlogPaws photos and boy are they numerous! To keep things from getting too crazy, I’m going to dump all of my photos into a two-part post with stories and anecdotes from the conference mixed in. Then,  I’ll get to work on our road trip and conference video (my biggest video editing project to date!). If you’re interested in my overall conference experience you can check out my initial recap from Monday.

BlogPaws NashvilleIt should come as no surprise that a cat that rides around in a Pink Catillac is all sass. Molly tried to make friends while I was taking this picture and she was having none of it.

BlogPaws NashvilleBlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleBlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleBlogPaws Nashville

Thursday night’s Yappy Hour in the main lobby was pretty crowded so I dropped the dogs off at the PetSafe pet park. I was afraid they would get upset if I left them but as soon as the park attendant opened the gate they were off and running with their new friends. Totally harder on me than them!

BlogPaws NashvilleBlogPaws NashvilleWhen I came back half an hour later to pick them up I found Pug creepily standing in the corner by himself. I thought maybe he was just lost since he’s kinda blind. But one of the worker’s said the hotel restaurant was on the other side of those doors, so he could have just been mesmerized by the good food smells!

I thought I would need to use the pet park more, especially for Molly, during sessions. But as it turned out she was completely happy to pass out during my classes. So much in fact she didn’t want to wake up and leave when they were over! So I ended up taking them with me everywhere – and let’s be honest – I just liked having them with me.

BlogPaws NashvilleBlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleI don’t know what these dogs were thinking. I thought Peter Shankman’s keynote speech was quite rousing!

BlogPaws NashvilleWaiting for our London Fog. Weruva sponsored this coffee cart and they had not one but two tea lattes on the menu. As a coffee hater, I was thrilled.

BlogPaws NashvillePug’s stroller definitely benefits me too. Cup holders, spots to stow my camera and phone and storage underneath for everything I picked up on the exhibit floor. BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleThis is one of those times I really wish we could hear what dogs are thinking.

BlogPaws NashvilleBlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvillePug met his first rat! It was actually my first time meeting one too.

BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleI promise you there are two dogs in this photo. 

BlogPaws Nashville

Lined up for dessert! Pug hit the jackpot later that night when they had moved the table away leaving spilled berries up for grabs.

That’s it for Part 2. Check back tomorrow for the rest of my BlogPaws pictures and stay tuned for our video!