BlogPaws Nashville Part-3

This is my final set of photos from BlogPaws (I still have a video on the way). Check out yesterday’s post for the first set of pics, and Monday’s post for my initial recap of the conference. 

BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleThe warm conference rooms made for some very tired puppies. Luckily Pug wasn’t the only one caught snoring during class.

BlogPaws NashvilleThere are some definite perks to having MARS as a sponsor! Though MARS Petcare was the sponsor, they made sure to bring along some treats for the humans too. You may have heard of a little candy company called MARS. I also just realized while editing this photo that the fruit may have been served in kitty litter pans!

BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleBlogPaws dogs are definitely not spoiled. Not a bit.

BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvillePawject Runway slump. You can see that our friend from Weruva loaded up the stroller with samples for us. Good thing Pug can’t read or those cans would not have been safe.

BlogPaws NashvilleIf only I had my camera out sooner. Notice the half of a plate in the bottom of this photo? When Bentley’s mom leaned over to set her dinner down, he leaped up and snatched her pizza off the table plate and all. I’ve never seen a basset hound move so fast in my life! I think this is him saying, “hey, I already slobbered on it might as well let me finish!”

BlogPaws NashvilleIt was just a little bit humid in Nashville. We were very grateful for this off-leash area outside provided by PetSafe because Molly does not like to go number 2 on a leash. I spent 20 minutes walking in circles with her the night before trying to get her to go , ended up drenched in sweat because of the aforementioned humidity and still she held out on her poop strike. When we got directions to the park and I let her loose she immediately did her business and started running and prancing like she had never felt better.

BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws Nashville BlogPaws NashvilleRemember how during the Sochi Olympics a number of athletes brought home stray dogs to the US? Well, this is one of them! Isn’t he adorable? From the streets of Russia all the way to Nashville and rolling in style. Quite the adventure for this pup!

BlogPaws Red Carpet
Photo by
BlogPaws Red Carpet
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BlogPaws Nashville Red CarpetThe big finale of the conference was the Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogging and Social Media Awards.

BlogPaws NashvilleThere are so many things I loved about the BlogPaws conference but certainly one of the most important is the amount that the organizers gave back. This $2,000 check to local Happy Tales Humane is just one of many that were presented over the course of the conference. BlogPaws estimates they donated about $18,000 in cash alone. It makes me really proud to be part of this community and knowing that I was a small part of making that happen.

BlogPaws NashvilleAnother donation they make is a bullet-proof tactical vest to a K9 officer in the host city. This is Ammo from the Tennessee County Sheriff’s office modeling his new vest.