Insta-Friday #135

My week(s) in iPhone photos and Instavideo. This is going to be a supersized InstaFriday since I took tons of pics at BlogPaws and wasn’t able to post them last week because the conference was so jam-packed! Click here for all my BlogPaws Conference posts in one place. 

Pug BathGetting clean before our road trip.

Naughty Wet PugAnd after his bath Pug pulled one of my shirts into his bed to dry off. Well-played, son.

Guayaki Yerba Mate Revel BerryStocked up on Guayaki for my trip. It was a lifesaver for my drive, not to mention early morning sessions. I featured it in one of my first monthly obsessions posts and it’s still a staple. It gives me a huge boost of energy without making me shaky like other sources of caffeine.

Memorial Day PugManning the grill on Memorial Day!

Dirty Scrub DaddyThis thing is totally goofy looking, (with an even goofier name… Scrub Daddy, really??) but it gets the gunk of the grill!

Road Trip DogsConfession time: I stopped at a rest area in Paducah, Kentucky and left the car running for the dogs while I ran inside to use the bathroom. I had my spare key with me so I could lock the doors while I ran inside. When I tried to unlock the doors, my spare remote wasn’t working. I totally panicked, went inside and asked for help because my dogs were trapped! The lady looked at my key, looked at me, and asked why I couldn’t use the key to open the door… I have never felt so stupid in all my life. I’m so used to using the remote and in my panicked state it didn’t even occur to me that the locks do in fact work manually too. They were very understanding but did get a good laugh at my expense. But, I’ll take the embarrassment for the relief that my dogs weren’t trapped hundreds of miles from home!

Welcome to Tennessee SignOur pit stop in Tennessee was drama free.

Pug in a SuitcaseI got out of the shower the first night at the hotel and found Pug snoozing in my suitcase. I guess that’s what I get for not putting him in the bed before I got in the shower. I couldn’t possibly expect him to sleep on the floor for a few minutes.

Begging PugPug isn’t usually a beggar (he knows better – I don’t share), but I guess sitting at table height with a plate of bacon in front of him was too much to ask.

Sleeping PugPassed out during the keynote address.

Dog in Hotel BedDespite the fact that I pushed the ottoman against the bed to give Molly a step up, she spent almost the entire time sleeping on the floor by herself. We did get a few minutes of cuddle time Saturday morning, though.

Pug and Molly BlogPaws SessionSleeping through class again!

Pug and Molly Red CarpetWalking the red carpet with my babies! Molly lost her bow seconds later and I never did find it in the crowd. At least she kept it on long enough for photos.

Pug and Molly Sheraton Music CitySaying goodbye to the Sheraton Music City. We had an awesome stay, our room was roomy and comfortable, and the food all weekend was delicious. The staff was awesome, especially since they had been invaded by hundreds of crazy pet people and around 100 pets!

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We drove 600 miles round trip, you knew there was going to be some Pug screams.

Pug and BlogPaws SwagI still haven’t figured out where I’m going to store all my BlogPaws swag!

Pug Visiting GrandmaGrandma was really happy to see Pug when we got home.

Messy PugThe folks at Honest Kitchen gave us a bunch of samples to try. Pug likes it so much he can’t help but smear it all over his face in the process of eating it.

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