Insta-Friday #141

A slow week in social media for me this week. I have been feeling pretty crappy still so I’m mostly hanging around the house relaxing with Pug!

Pug eating Himalayan Chew in bedI repeatedly told Pug he couldn’t eat the Himalayan Chew in the bed and he repeatedly brought it back. The worst part is he doesn’t even chew on it. He finds it, picks it up and brings it in bed then goes to sleep! I keep waking up on top of it.

Pug and can of dog food Waiting on his PowerStew! Check out our full review.

Pug Accidental FrontcamOur entry for the Barkpost #AccidentalFrontCam campaign. We’ve all been there.

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Tons of bees enjoying the butterfly bush! This reminded me I want to do a post about bee-friendly plants and some simple ways in which people can help their local bee population. So be on the lookout for that soon!