Pug Goes to the Doctor

Last week I noticed that Pug’s good eye (he completely lost sight in his left eye some time ago) looked swollen with some discoloration near his pupil. So we made a visit to our wonderful veterinarian to get it checked. Pug typically enjoys going to the vet because he loves visiting with people, but as you might imagine he wasn’t as thrilled to get an eye exam. 

Pug waiting for the VetPatiently waiting for the doctor. “This is gonna be great!”

Pug Eye Exam“You want to hold me? Awesome!”

Pug Eye Exam“Wait a second… that looks like eye drops. Do not want!”

Pug Eye ExamLuckily our wonderful vet staff is patient and caring even when somepuggies are being obnoxious.

Pug Eye ExamCan we talk about that hair? Pug shoots out hair like a porcupine when we get into the exam room! But he did survive getting poked in the eyeball a dozen times to test for glaucoma. Nothing of note showed up on the tests, but his eye was definitely inflamed. He’s on 10 days of steroid eye drops which I hope will clear everything up.