Insta-Friday #144

My week in iPhone photos and Instavideo.

National Mutt DayA collection of Molly pics for National Mutt Day. I love my mutt!

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It way worse before I turned the camera on, but look closely. Pug’s eyes are open and he’s looking around IN HIS SLEEP! So creepy.  

Pug Throwing ShadeSomeone’s slumber was disturbed.

Tortillaria Central West EndMy grandma’s current rehab facility is in the Central West End, so I have an excuse to eat lots of Tortillaria. I haven’t eaten it in so long and now I’m obsessed all over again.

Tropical SnoI absolutely love shaved ice so I have no idea how I made it all the way to August without having my first snow cone. This is one of my go to flavors, purple passion, which is grape and passion fruit.

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Pug demonstrating his Solvit pet steps which we have been testing for several weeks. Click here for my full review and to enter to win a set of your own!

Sprinkle DonutAaand more food. I’ve struggled with insomnia most my life but it’s been particularly bad the past few weeks. Laying awake at 6am yesterday I decided I was going to put my lack of sleep to good use and get myself a hot off the press sprinkle donut.