My Eight Photos of Happiness

I was nominated to post my Eight Photos of Happiness by Talent Hounds a few weeks ago but I’ll be honest, I was procrastinating because it seemed really daunting to pick only 8 photos! Finally I dug through the archives and narrowed it down. I could have easily chosen all pictures of my pets at random, but I decided to look for some that I haven’t ever shown on the blog and some personal shots that tell a bit more about me.

Dog Family PhotoThis photo is super special to me for a few reasons. One year I created a custom photo calendar for my mom for Christmas using all photos of our pets. For the big finale photo I wanted to get a family photo with all 4 dogs. You’ll recognize my dog Molly of course second from the right and possibly Alexa the Great Dane who has made a few appearances.

The Collie is Princess and she died of old age a few years ago. The brown dog on the left is Hershey. Hershey was a sweet love bug lab/pit bull mix who we lost far too young. He suffered from grand mal seizures which were never well controlled and the medication took a toll on his organs.

Pug in GlassesThis is a picture of Pug when he was still pretty new (to me). Look how few grey hairs he has! If you have somehow missed the story of Pug, I did a whole post. Long story short we found him as a stray on Thanksgiving morning and it will be 7 years this Thanksgiving!

The wire you see on the glasses he’s wearing is a paperclip holding the arm on. I lost the tiny screw that held it on and used that paperclip for like… over a year. I’m embarrassing. In my defense they’re reading glasses only so I wasn’t walking around 24/7 that way!

Tigger the CatThis is Tigger. He was the kind of cat that won over everyone, even people who didn’t like cats. He loved to sit on the stairs just like this and reach out and grab you as you walked by. Sadly, we lost Tig to a stray dog attack several years ago.

Great Grandma 100th BirthdayThis is me, my mom, my grandma and great grandma at my great grandma’s 100th birthday party. She suffered from advanced Alzheimer’s and we lost her a few months later, but she enjoyed her party along with 3 pieces of cake.

Having a picture of all these generations together is super special to me. These women are all incredibly strong and when I struggle they are a huge source of inspiration. My great grandma was the mother of 10 during the Great Depression with a not-always-present husband and she was feisty until the very end.

Holy Cow at Harry Caray RestaurantI knew I had to include a photo of my BFF Katie because she’s basically my soul sister. After thinking about it I remembered I had just the one. And I can’t believe it was taken in 2010 because it feels like just yesterday we were being accidentally photobombed by our waiter Luigi.

This is at Harry Caray’s restaurant in Chicago and we’re posing with the Holy Cow. Luigi was halfway into the shot when he realized we were taking a picture and panicked. In my opinion his timing couldn’t have possibly been better!

Pug and Molly Cubs GearThis photo has been shown many times but I had to include it because it’s my absolute favorite photo of my babies. It certainly helps that they’re in their Cubs gear. As you may know I live near St. Louis but I am a huge Cubs fan. I even have a Cubs tattoo on my back/shoulder.

I wasn’t that big of a baseball fan but my grandpa was a Cubs fan his whole life (possibly just to irritate his buddies) and when he died in 2000 I picked up the torch. We were incredibly close and watching the Cubs and especially visiting Wrigley Field makes me feel connected to him.

Huge Grumble of PugsThis is from last year’s Pug Palooza. Pretty self-explanatory. No matter my mood if you put me in the company of a whole bunch of pugs you can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Road Trip Tennesee with PugThis picture is pretty new, but I had to include it more for what it represented. We stopped and took this picture on the way to BlogPaws Nashville back in May. It was the first time I had ever traveled alone and I was also really investing in myself and my blog and dedicating myself to taking it to the next level. It was an amazing experience in many ways in addition to being just plain FUN.

I’m totaling cheating on the nomination part because I have no idea who has or hasn’t been nominated already. So if you’re reading this I nominate YOU to share your 8 Photos of Happiness!