Insta-Friday #147

Another slow week for me on social media because I’ve spent most of my time at a doctor’s office or in bed. I found out I am one of the rare people to have mono reactivate which explains why I have been experiencing such severe fatigue. The fact that I didn’t feel that much worse than usual is a testament to how crummy I feel on a regular basis. Nevertheless here is a brief look at my week in iPhone photos.

Gassy PugIf you follow me on Snapchat, this week you’d have seen that it was all about Pug and his STANK. I don’t know what causes it but sometimes his farts actually smell like skunk. It’s revolting and he has no shame as you can see.

Laptop Water SpillNaturally, I waited until my water glass was nice and full before I knocked it all over my bed, floor and laptop. I left the computer in front of the fan for 12 hours but the keyboard never came back to life (except when it thought my down arrow key was stuck which made browsing fun).

Luckily, the computer itself seems to have been spared and thanks to YouTube I learned how to easily disconnect the old keyboard, and eventually replace it. I got a wireless keyboard that’s the same width as the computer from Best Buy in the meantime. It looks rather clunky at the moment but I’m back in business which is the important part.

Pug Drumstick HolderBased on the previous picture this was a dangerous pose. Even though the temps jumped back into the 90s Pug was still all about the cuddling and using me as a drumstick holder.

Dollar Tree Planner HaulDollar Tree is next to Best Buy so I had to pop in to scope out planner supplies. I figured with it being back to school time they would have even more than usual. I think they had already sold through most of the school supplies but I still got a pretty good haul. Their washi is decent quality and the rolls are really large so you can’t beat it for a buck!

Presciptions and SupplementsClearly I was wishful thinking when I bought this teeny pill organizer a couple of months ago for my supplements. Now I’m back on a bunch of prescriptions and I’m really flaky about remembering to take the ones that are more than once a day.

I guess I’ll keep this one for my supplements and invest in the old lady day/night XL version for all the rest of my medicine. It’s kind of a bummer at times and I take so many pills I feel full without having eaten any food, but at the end of the day I’m extremely grateful to be living better through chemistry.