Insta-Friday #149

My week in iPhone photos and video.

Emergency Room IVThis might look familiar since I started last week’s post with almost the same exact picture. I ended up back in the ER with severe abdominal spasms. It took 4 tries and an Ultrasound assist to get my IV started, so I’m still sporting some lovely bruises. Fortunately, this time I had a more competent doctor and they gave me medication to stop the spasms instead of just pain medicine.

Crohn's Disease MedicineAlong with more antibiotics and a week of Prednisone which I am not thrilled with. I have so much prior damage from prolonged steroid use I hate taking it at all.

Pug FartsAs much as I appreciate Pug keeping vigil by my side I really wish he could at least face his butt the other direction!

Pug Snapchat LensesPlaying with the new Snapchat lenses. Sadly I can report that they do not recognize pug faces.

Gator time!

Centennial LibraryMy local library turned 100 and put out 100 of these giant birthday candles. Isn’t it cute?