Chicago Cubs Pinstripe Nails Tutoral

I’ve never done a nail tutorial on the blog before and for good reason, I’m not a fantastic nail artist. I came up with this idea in honor of the Cubs making it to the NLCS and was able to accomplish it with a few tricks that make it doable for even a novice like me. It is time-consuming because you have to let each layer dry thoroughly, but the technique is fairly simple!

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe Nail SuppliesSupplies needed:

  1. Basecoat.
  2. Red, white and blue polishes.
  3. Top coat (I swear by Seche Vite).
  4. Striping tape (You can get this at a beauty supply store like Sally Beauty, or on Amazon. It comes in a variety of colors, but it doesn’t matter for our purposes)
  5. Small paint brush for dipping in acetone and cleaning up edges.
  6. Mini “C” stamp (not pictured)

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsApply base coat.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsApply one coat of blue to nail(s) that you plan to pinstripe.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsUse a small paint brush and acetone to clean up any mistakes.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsOnce the first coat of blue is completely dry, start applying your striping tape.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsApply 4 pieces of striping tape keeping them as evenly spaced as you can. I left a good amount of excess so I could easily pull them off later.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsApply 1 layer of white polish over the tape. Try to get it as opaque as possible in one coat and avoid applying a second. If you apply two coats it will leave a noticeable ridge where the tape was.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsThis is the hardest part, but wait until the white polish is totally dry and then pull up the strips of striping tape. You don’t want to smudge and start the process all over. Once the tape is pulled up, you’ll need to clean up with the paint brush and acetone again.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsIf you have a steady hand, you can free hand the C with red polish. I don’t, so I used this rubber stamp. These mini sets of letter stamps are from Michael’s and can be found in the front of the store in bins for only $1.50! The Target Dollar Spot carries similar stamp sets from time to time too. I just applied a good amount of the polish to my stamp.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsThen firmly applied it to my pinstriped nail.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsYou may need to touch it up a bit with the nail polish brush because some areas will be less opaque. It’s surprisingly easy to do so once the shape is already down.

Chicago Cubs Pinstripe NailsOnce you’re done, finish with a topcoat. And just like that you’ve got impressive Chicago Cubs nail art!

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