Pug at St. Louis’ Largest Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

This Easter weekend we attended Treats Unleashed annual Easter Egg Hunt for dogs. Thousands of eggs were scattered across the lawns and it took less than a minute for the pooches (with a little assistance from their humans) to snatch them all up. Pug also got his picture taken with the Easter Bunny and we met a bunch of new puggy friends! Check out all the video and photos below.

Pug Easter Outfit We don’t do big Easter celebrations so this was a good excuse to get Pug dressed up and bust out one of my sun hats.

Pug and the Easter BunnyOur first stop was to get Pug’s picture taken with the Easter Bunny!

Dog Scared of Easter BunnyNot everyone was so eager to meet him though. In fact, I think about half the dogs were terrified of the poor bunny!

Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt Pug Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt Pugs Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt PugJust a few of the many pugs we met! More than one person asked if this was an unofficial pug meetup.

Easter Bunny Costume Chocolate Lab Puppy Easter Bunny English Bulldog Easter Bunny French Bulldog Easter Bunny Bernese Mountain DogLots of dogs getting into the Easter spirit. Pug is very good about wearing clothes and costumes but there is no way he would have kept a set of ears on!

Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt for Dogs

I didn’t get any photos of the action, since I was wrangling Pug and picking up any eggs he touched with his nose (those were the rules, as far as I could see most people were following them). There was no shoving or pushing down dogs unlike some of the children’s egg hunts I read about over the weekend!

As I said above, it was all over in less than a minute. A thousand eggs goes surprisingly fast!

Treats Unleasehd Easter Egg Hunt Hound Dog Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt Pug

Afterwards we went through our eggs to see what we’d collected. My mom with Tia Maria got 5 eggs, Pug and I got 6. Unfortunately we only got treats and no coupons to trade in for prizes.

Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt PugTreats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt PugBut as you might imagine, Pug was thoroughly pleased with his haul.

We had an awesome time and Treats Unleashed raised lots of money for STL Bulldog Rescue. Thank you for putting on a great event!