Insta-Friday #162

My week in iPhone photos and video. Let’s recap!

Pug CuddlesSome days he just can’t get close enough.

Easter Pug PoloDressed up and heading out to the Treats Unleashed Easter Egg Hunt. The invitation mentioned “Easter best” but I was the only one that arrived in a hat. I guess that’s a benefit of turning 30. You don’t care if you’re the only one that showed up to the party in a giant hat. It was glorious and shady and I need to wear it more often!

Pug and Easter BunnyPhoto op with the Easter Bunny. Click here for more photos and a video recap of the whole event.

Pug Easter Morning He Has RisenEaster morning Snapchat antics. Do you follow us (ThisPugLife)?

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And that afternoon the dogs hunted down their special treats from the Easter Bunny.

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A sneak peek at the aforementioned Easter Egg hunt video. If you didn’t click on the link already, now you know what you’re missing!

Easter CandyMy BFF is always spoiling me. I was lamenting the fact that my mom forgot to buy Easter candy this year (yes I still get Easter candy!) and hours later she stopped by to drop off all this clearance candy she got at Target!

Her 3-month old baby got the opportunity to meet Pug for the first time too. She smiled at him and he kind of sneezed on her… which I assume is a sign of affection since he does it to me constantly.

Senior Australian Shepherd Mix

Watching your pets grow old is the absolute worst. My little Molly girl is going to be 13 in May and I just can’t come to terms with it. Sometimes she acts like a pup and other times she’s a total crab apple. When I look at her all I see is my ornery little puppy.

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I think the spring storms we had yesterday were stressing Pug out, he was sucking on my blanket like it was his job! Little weirdo.