Insta-Friday #164

My week(s) in iPhone photos and video.

Pug Kiss AttackWhen you try to be a tough disciplinarian and Pug doesn’t care.

Pug and Molly Chicago CubsCelebrating National Pet Day and the Cubs home opener.

EntocortIt’s such a relief to finally get an insurance win. My doctor prescribed me Entocort months ago because I cannot tolerate Prednisone (it’s the source of my joint damage). They finally approved it, thankfully, because the cash price was well over a thousand dollars.

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Life with a needy Pug. AKA every pug.

Blue Mirrored AviatorsThe weather has been so nice and mild, I never want it to end. Soon it will be hot and sticky and I’ll be sweating like I ran a marathon just running out to the car. Blasting the AC in my face to salvage my ruined hair and melted makeup.

Sun Through Clouds Rural IllinoisI always get the best sky shots near my grandma’s house.

Vintage Polaroid Instagram CameraSpeaking of which, we did another day of cleaning out the house and found another old Polaroid camera. Does this one look familiar? It’s the one from the Instagram logo!

Great Dane Baby Goat in a PlaypenI took my mom’s Great Dane Alexa do the vet for her this week. She’s so embarrassing! Her bark is so loud and scares everyone. Then miss tough girl tried to practically climb in my lap during the exam. Luckily she was just barely too short to see they had a baby goat behind the counter, that would’ve been fun!

Pug Whimzees AlligatorGator time!