Loot Pets April 2016 “Quest For Bacon” Review

We’ve had a couple of weeks to test out the items from the April Loot Pets crate and it’s time for a full review. This month is special because they’ve changed things up a bit and included something for us humans too. Let’s take a look!

My initial unboxing video with first impressions is below. If you’d like more information about the Loot Pets subscription box I explain it here.

If you’d like to get your own subscription you can order here. Use code PUGLIFE to get 10% off!

Initially I was a little confused (as you saw in the video) about the theme for this month. Loot Crate’s theme was “Quest” and Loot Pets’ theme was “Quest for Bacon”.

Loot Pets April 2016 Matching Adventure Time Shirts

As I said, they made a major change to the crate this month. From now on, we’ll receive a pet shirt AND a matching human shirt. Previously, the pet shirt was identical to the shirt in the corresponding Loot Crate.

I’m really excited about this development. I thought the matching shirts was the biggest draw but I don’t subscribe to Loot Crate for myself, so I missed out. No more!

Pug Loot Pets April 2016

Also, my size change went through and we received a medium shirt for Pug this month which fits absolutely perfect. He’s right around 20lbs for context.

Loot Pets April 2016 Questrips Beef Bacon Strips

Our treats this month came in the form of Questrips Beefy Strips, Loot Pets’ take on bacon. These are a good size but they’re soft and easily torn into smaller bites if you prefer. The dogs eagerly gobbled them up.

As always these are made in the USA and free of gluten, soy, corn and grains. Full ingredients:

Beef, Vegetable Glycerin, Salt, Preserved with Mixed Tocopherols, Rosemary Extract

Another nice limited-ingredient and most importantly tasty treat!

Loot Pets April 2016 Battlepug Volume 1

And now for the greatest item in a Loot Pets crate to date: Battlepug Volume 1. Which already made it into my Monthly Obsessions. I believe this paperback edition is an exclusive and it’s a great introduction to the world of Battlepug, which began as a web comic. I will definitely be picking up the subsequent volumes to add to my collection.

Loot Pets April 2016 Battlepug Volume 1

Here is a shot of my favorite panel. Hehe. I think Battlepug will appeal to any dog lover but all pug parents for sure have to check it out.

Loot Pets April 2016 Bacon Strip Dog Toy

This bacon strip toy features a squeaker and crinkly plastic that makes it sound like it’s sizzling! It’s a good size for larger dogs but Pug has no problem handling it. It also feels pretty sturdy and boasts reinforced stitching so I think this will be a longer lasting toy for strong chewers. Pug isn’t a strong chewer at all, in fact he mostly sucks on his toys like a pacifier, so I couldn’t test out the durability.

I mentioned in a previous review that I hoped Loot Pets would branch out from officially licensed products to go with their themes so I was really happy to see this nice quality bacon toy included this month.

Loot Pets April 2016 D2 Shield Dog Tag

Our dog tag this month again matched the collectible pin in the April Loot Crate. It features a shield emblazoned with a 20-sided die. Very cute and perfect for the dog of a tabletop gamer!

Loot Pets April 2016 Trading Cards

This month they went in a different direction, including trading cards with the crate contents in lieu of a Loot Pets Magazine. While it was cute and on theme, I actually quite enjoy the artwork and features in the magazine.

And that’s it for April’s “Quest for Bacon” Loot Pets. I can honestly say that April is now my new favorite crate. Obviously the Battlepug item biased me but even so I felt that overall this was the best quality collection so far. And the addition of a shirt for me certainly didn’t hurt either.

Check my YouTube channel later this month for my unboxing of May’s “Power” Loot Pets and check back here for a full review! Or if you’d like to join in the fun you can order your own subscription and get 10% off with my code PUGLIFE.

Disclaimer: I received my Loot Pets subscription for free to help promote Loot Pets. I always strive to be as honest as possible in my reviews.